Treating Infertility

Treating infertility in our Lafayette and Baton Rouge fertility centers

Sometimes the factors affecting your fertility are easy to detect and treat, but in many cases a specific reason for infertility may be difficult to identify. After a full evaluation, your physician can give you a reasonable idea of your chances of achieving pregnancy with various treatment options. The choice of which treatment to pursue, if any, is strictly a personal one. Side effects, costs, the risk of multiple births (which is increased with some infertility treatments), and expected success rates are important factors to consider when choosing a treatment plan.

It is helpful when beginning fertility treatment to develop a long-term plan with your physician so that you will have an idea of how long to pursue a particular treatment before moving on to more aggressive therapy or stopping treatment. Since your initial treatment may provide additional answers as to the cause of your infertility, it is very important to continually re-evaluate your plan by discussing treatment results with your physician. It may be necessary at times to temporarily cease therapy and begin again at a later date. Thanks to the many options existing today, including advanced reproductive technologies and adoption, most infertile couples will be able to experience the joy of parenthood. The sooner you meet with a specialist, the sooner you will find answers and be able to realize your dream of having a child.

The most common treatment options for infertility are below: