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Lacey & Jake’s Story: Our Path to Parenthood Made Easier with a Plan

A good plan can provide your path to parenthood.

Our dreams of becoming parents looked hopeless until we met with Dr. John Storment at Fertility Answers. Through a comprehensive plan tailored to our unique situation, he gave us the path we needed to become parents to our beautiful twins, Henry and Julienne.

My husband Jake and I had known about each other since high school (we’re both from Houma), but it wasn’t until a chance encounter in Baton Rouge while both of us were in graduate school did we begin dating. We married in April of 2011 and began trying to conceive in August of 2012.

After eight months without any success, I had to undergo a thyroid treatment that would put our dreams on hold for an additional 12 months. So in March of 2014, we began trying to conceive again. And yet, another 11 months of ovulation sticks and menstrual calendars went by without any success.

When we met with Dr. Storment in February of 2015, it was the first time I felt like somebody else has this. For a type-A personality like myself, this was huge. I explained our journey up until that point, and he literally gave me a roadmap of how we would proceed.

There was a plan.There was a goal. This was the hope I needed.

After lots of lab work, ultrasounds, Femara, progesterone and a trigger shot, we waited for the results of our first IUI. We soon learned our first one failed. But, Dr. Storment’s road map told us we could have three worthwhile tries at an IUI. So there was still hope.

After more Femara, progesterone and another trigger shot, on May 22, 2015 we learned that our second IUI worked! Pregnancy test positive! In fact, several at-home pregnancy tests were positive. Dr. Storment’s office confirmed with blood work that very day. We were in fact PREGNANT. Our dreams were coming true!

June 5, 2015 was our first ultrasound appointment and my husband and I excitedly drove to Lafayette. I’ll never forget hearing these words from Lauren, Fertility Answers’s ultrasound technician, “Well, there’s two gestational sacs, and they both have heartbeats.” The rest is history as they say. And as Dr. Storment put it to us that day, he really did knock it out of the park! Henry and Julienne were born on January 2, 2016.

We thank you, Dr. Storment, for giving us the path to parenthood, but we also thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that path leading to so much joy in us and in so many others. We will be especially thankful for you for the rest of our lives.


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