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Haley’s Story – Decision to Freeze Eggs Takes the Pressure Off

Decision to freeze eggs helps this 30-something take the pressure off for finding the right partner

Haley's decision to freeze eggs helps takes the pressure off for finding her lifelong partner.Haley recently made the decision to freeze eggs to help her eventually realize her dreams of motherhood. The decision also takes the pressure off for finding the right lifelong partner. A recent nursing graduate who works as an ICU nurse at Baton Rouge General Hospital, Haley admits that at 31 she is getting a later start on her career than most. And being so focused on her education and work as a nurse the last few years has left her with little time dedicated to finding a lifelong partner.

Haley has always thought motherhood would be part of her life plan. “I believe I was placed on this earth to be someone’s mother,” says Haley. She admits that she wants to be able to experience and feel everything that comes with being a mother – carrying a pregnancy, birthing a baby, nurturing a child, and guiding that child to adulthood. Her close-knit family helps each other raise children and care for others. Haley currently lives with her grandfather, who is in his nineties, helping her parents care for him. She would love nothing more than to see him be able to love a great grandchild.

After getting over the hump of nursing school and landing her job in the ICU, Haley began to really think about her future. On a recent visit to her ObGyn, she mentioned her desire to be a mom which led to testing her AMH levels, a test that can give an indication of a woman’s remaining egg supply as well as possible response to ovulation induction. Her results were slightly borderline prompting Haley’s ObGyn to suggest making an appointment with Dr. Neil Chappell at Fertility Answers to look into elective egg freezing.

Haley was intrigued with the idea of egg freezing. The decision to freeze eggs ended up being a fairly easy one. “I’ve always wanted to be a mom, but I also don’t want to settle with the wrong partner just because I’m feeling my window is closing,” says Haley. A woman’s egg quality and quantity decline as a woman ages, accelerating as she approaches her middle to late 30s and into menopause.

Haley’s family is totally supportive of her decision to freeze her eggs, even if it means one day having children without a partner. “My mom was totally ready to help me fund the cost of egg freezing,” says Haley. Most insurance does not pay for this elective procedure that averages around $6,000, not including the cost of the medication needed to harvest eggs.

The decision to freeze eggs will now give Haley the time to focus on her nursing career and finding the right partner while not having to worry about her biological clock. “I feel totally empowered by this decision and feel like it’s lifted a whole lot of worry of my shoulders.”

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