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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Egg Freezing

The most important questions to ask yourself before egg freezing

Questions to ask yourself before egg freezingThe egg freezing specialists at our Louisiana fertility center have determined important questions to ask yourself before egg freezing. These questions can help you determine whether egg freezing is a good option for you, and whether you have additional questions you would like one of our experts to answer.

Questions to ask yourself before egg freezing

Understanding the various aspects of egg freezing can help you make important decisions about family planning and fertility preservation.

What is the current state of my fertility? Because egg freezing is only a viable option if you have an adequate supply of healthy eggs, it’s important to understand your fertility health status. Our Louisiana fertility center can help you determine your fertility health through a simple blood test and ultrasound.

Do I have a spouse I’d like to have children with? This is one of the crucial questions to ask yourself before egg freezing. If you would like to have children with a partner, you’ll want to consider whether your current partner is the person you would like to experience parenthood with, and whether they share this desire. If you find that they’re not the right person, or you’re single, egg freezing offers you more time to find the person you’d like to have children with.

When do I plan on having children? Even if you’re in a relationship with someone you plan to have a family with, you may want to wait many years before you take that next step. If this is the case, egg freezing can take pressure off the relationship, as you know that you have healthy eggs preserved for when the right time comes.

Could my life circumstances affect my future fertility? Questions to ask yourself before egg freezing must include an inquiry of your life circumstances. Upcoming cancer treatments or a job that could potentially affect your fertility might make you a good candidate for egg freezing.

The egg freezing specialists at our clinic can offer additional clarity on these questions, or any other queries you may have.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the exciting option of pausing your biological clock through egg freezing, our Louisiana fertility center can offer additional guidance and help you take the next step to preserve your fertility.

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