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Online Genetic Testing

Online genetic testing is just part of the picture

Genetic testingEverybody’s talking about online genetic testing, which lets you send in your DNA and learn about the genes that make you uniquely you. But is it the best way to find out if you’re at risk of passing an inherited genetic disorder down to your future kids? Our Louisiana fertility experts explain why other genetic testing options may be a better choice.

Online genetic testing doesn’t have all the answers

Typically, online DNA testing companies provide a kit that you can use to send a saliva sample to a genetics lab for testing. It can take two weeks or longer to receive your test results, depending on what is ordered and which genetic testing company you use. But, not all online genetic testing companies are created equal. Few offer screening for genetic diseases and most focus on revealing information about ethnicity or countries of origin.

Some online genetic tests can provide additional information about your risk of certain genetic illnesses.

  • Information about your genetic risk for certain diseases
  • Carrier status for certain genetic disorders
  • Genetic predisposition to risk factors for poor health, such as obesity

While the findings can certainly be enlightening, these standardized DNA tests only screen for a small number of common genetic conditions. If you know that a specific genetic disease runs in your family, or you just want the most comprehensive genetic screening panel available, your best bet is to ask our Louisiana fertility experts to order your genetic testing.

Genetic carrier screening is usually a better use of your money than a generic online test that may not have all the information you’re looking for. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends comprehensive carrier screening for all women before pregnancy, and for both partners if the woman is found to be a carrier of a genetic disorder.

Another big benefit of physician-ordered genetic testing is that it comes with genetic counseling, which will help you understand both your results and your reproductive options. If your results reveal an increased risk, you’ll want much more information than you’ll be able to get from a generic email report from an online genetic testing company. Our Louisiana fertility experts can help you navigate through the information and come up with the best treatment plan.

Get answers about your genetics

Our Louisiana fertility experts can advise you on what type of genetic screening would be the best choice for you and would be happy to order a customized genetic testing panel at your next office visit.

To learn more about genetic testing, contact us to schedule an appointment with our Louisiana fertility experts.

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