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QuickView Treatment Plan

Male Factor Infertility

Our QuickView male infertility treatment plan is an easy way for our patients to understand the treatment process

Each QuickView follows a given infertility diagnosis, then outlines the tests normally performed, the possible results and the treatments for each result. While the sequence may not be followed exactly for every patient, it will give you an approximate plan of what may happen. Our QuickView male infertility treatment plan outlines the path our Louisiana fertility doctor will likely take in determining the possible cause of your infertility.

For male infertility, all treatment plans start with a semen analysis. Depending on the results, our fertility specialists will be able to prescribe treatment, if necessary, given the count, morphology (appearance), and motility (movement) of your sperm. In some cases, you may be referred to a urology specialist for further evaluation. We work in conjunction with many local urologists if surgical intervention is needed to correct structural male infertility prior to other infertility procedures.

Our reproductive endocrinologists will take active steps to boost your fertility and help you become a father. There are many effective male fertility treatments, from basic IUI to intracytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI, with IVF for men with male infertility.

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