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 August 22nd, 2017

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Infertility can be a lonely place. Your online support community of bloggers, podcasters and forums can provide you with the support you’re craving.

Sometimes it’s hard to find others in your “real life” who are living this experience and who can relate to what you are going through yourself. Fortunately, there are many online who write and record their own journeys and are willing to share it for the benefit of all going through infertility.

A quick online search of “infertility blog” will yield what looks like an unlimited number of online sources to gain support and inspiration. So which ones are the best? We’ve done the hard work for you of narrowing down the infertility blogger universe, plus a few podcasts, to some of the best, we think. We’ve also included a short list of online infertility support groups and forums that you can check out, too.

Blogs and Podcasts:

Online Support Groups and Forums:

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