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Who’s Who in the Lab – Fertility Lab Roles

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Who works in the IVF lab?A common question we get at our Louisiana fertility clinic is who’s who in the fertility lab. It’s understandable that hopeful parents want to know more about the fertility lab roles and the qualifications of our team. After all, these professionals are performing important tasks such as fertilizing eggs with sperm, testing embryos for chromosomal abnormalities, and freezing eggs, embryos and sperm for future use.

Who’s who in the fertility lab – Exploring fertility lab roles

Andrologists, embryologists and geneticists perform the primary roles in the fertility lab. Laboratory directors oversee these fertility lab roles.

  • Andrologist. Andrology is the medical field that specializes in male reproductive health. As a result, andrologists in a fertility lab are responsible for semen analysis, advanced sperm testing, sperm freezing and sperm storage.
  • Embryologist. An embryologist is responsible for the creation and testing of embryos. This person handles tasks like fertilization for IVF cycles, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), assisted hatching, preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), and freezing and thawing of reproductive materials.
  • Geneticist. Geneticists assess the results from PGT and determine whether embryos are healthy. This task allows the doctors at our Louisiana fertility clinic to ensure they only transfer healthy embryos.
  • Laboratory director. These individuals help to ensure the lab is properly maintained. They consistently monitor standards of performance and handle quality control and quality assurance.

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Our Louisiana fertility clinic provides lab services through Ovation, which features leading-edge technology and specialists who help hopeful parents achieve their dream of taking home a healthy baby. This partnership with Ovation ensures that all lab personnel are properly trained and bring dedication and thorough care to their roles.

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