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Amber & Ryan’s Story: Couple Overcomes PCOS to Have Twins

Karson and Kolton, born in 2014

Fertility Answers, I hope you know the impact that you have made on our lives.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost seven years, had seen two different fertility doctors and spent tens of thousands of dollars on failed fertility treatments before coming to you. Our stuggles with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, and male factor infertility were pretty devastating. Dr. Storment, Suzanne and all of the other wonderful staff made our experience amazing and gave us hope when all was lost.

Our story starts in 2007 when my husband Ryan and I married, intent on immediately starting a family we both dreamed of since we were young. After trying for almost a year to get pregnant, I finally got a positive pregnancy test. We were ecstatic and immediately headed out to tell our families, friends and soon enough the whole world. We thought of nothing else but what our baby would look like, how it would feel to hold him or her in our arms, and lying in bed each night talking to the little peanut growing in my belly. Our first appointment came and we could hardly wait to finally have a picture and hear our little one’s heartbeat. But after a few short minutes into the ultrasound, the look on our doctor’s face said it all. Our baby did not have a heartbeat, he said, and I was experiencing a “missed miscarriage.”

My diagnosis of PCOS complicated our chances of conception.

The next several years are a blur of doctor visits, diagnoses, and more negative pregnancy tests. My diagnosis of PCOS complicated my chances of getting and keeping a pregnancy, but to top it off, Ryan was found to also be contributing to our struggles. Low sperm count and miserable sperm motility and morphology compounded our infertility problems even more. Ryan was devastated as he is the only male in his family to carry on the family name. After months and months of careful consideration about our next step, we began the extremely difficult journey of searching for a sperm donor. We spent weeks picking out what we thought was the best candidate. We tried another four cycles with the donor sperm and still came up negative each time.

But, God had other plans. We had nearly given up hope before deciding to try IVF in January of 2014. We had recently moved back home to Louisiana to be closer to family. Moving on to IVF was an extremely hard decision for us to make due to the cost and the amount of money we had already spent over the years on fertility treatments that didn’t work. Looking back, I wish we would have made the decision sooner. Dr. Storment suggested testing Ryan again since it had been so long, and needless to say, his sperm counts were perfectly normal!

That October we gave birth to two beautiful, healthy baby boys via our first IVF cycle! Our boys, Karson and Kolton have made all of our dreams come true and you will all forever have a place in our hearts for helping us create the happy family that we are today. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the work that you do for families like us. You and your staff are truly amazing! Thank you for our beautiful miracles!

Amber and Ryan Yager, twin sons Karson and Kolton

yager boys 2016


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