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The Role of a PA in Fertility

A PA benefits the fertility care setting, from initial consultation to fertility treatment

Grace Pitt, PAA physician assistant (PA) is a medical professional who is nationally certified and state-licensed to provide many of the same medical services doctors provide and are equally responsible for patient care in all settings and specialties. One of the benefits of having a PA on a fertility care team is the added benefit of having another high-level medical professional working with patients. PAs work closely with patients and doctors in the reproductive endocrinology setting, performing routine procedures, establishing relationships with patients and providing a lot of their ongoing care.

Fertility Answers is pleased to announce the latest addition to our family – Grace Pitt, PA-C. Grace was born and raised in Alabama, attended college at University of West Alabama and then physician assistant school at University of Alabama at Birmingham. In school, Grace was drawn to the field of women’s healthcare believing that she was called to make a difference. Joining the fertility field has enhanced her desire to form bonds with her patients and help them start or add to their families.

A physician assistant is licensed to provide many of the same medical services as doctors

What exactly will Grace be doing at Fertility Answers? In short, becoming our most valuable patient advocate in our fast-paced fertility practice! In Grace’s case, she will be on the front lines with our patients going through their history, working to establish important diagnoses and treatment plans, performing routine testing like ultrasound monitoring, HSGs and IUIs, and reviewing results to help keep our patients informed and empowered. Essentially, she will be involved at most every point along the path of a patient’s fertility journey along with the rest of our fantastic team, ensuring that the best quality care continues to be the standard here.

While Grace has only been here a few months, she has already proven her worth to our practice. “She’s one of the fastest learning providers I’ve ever taught,” commented Dr. Neil Chappell. “We couldn’t be more excited that she has decided to be a part of our growing family, working to build yours.”

Before becoming a PA, Grace spent many years working with college and high school athletes in the sports medicine field before joining the fertility world. As an avid sports fan, she is excited to finally make Baton Rouge, the home of the LSU Tigers, her home. “Both of my parents are from this great state, and I’ve always felt like it is where I truly belong,” says Grace.

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