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The Role of a PA in Fertility

A PA benefits the fertility care setting, from initial consultation to fertility treatment

Grace Pitt, PA
Grace Pitt, PA-C, is instrumental in patient care at our Baton Rouge clinic.

A physician assistant (PA) is a medical professional who is nationally certified and state-licensed to provide many of the same medical services doctors provide and are equally responsible for patient care in all settings and specialties. One of the benefits of having a PA on a fertility care team is the added benefit of having another high-level medical professional working with patients. PAs work closely with patients and doctors in the reproductive endocrinology setting, performing routine procedures, establishing relationships with patients and providing a lot of their ongoing care.

Fertility Answers uses PAs in its clinical settings. Our PAs are highly trained healthcare professionals, graduating from highly competitive programs. And both were drawn to women’s health providing personalized and effective care as extensions of our physicians.

A physician assistant is licensed to provide many of the same medical services as doctors

What exactly do our PAs do at Fertility Answers? In short, becoming our most valuable patient advocate in our fast-paced fertility practice! In both centers, our PAs interact on the front lines with our patients, going through their medical history, working to establish important diagnoses and treatment plans, performing routine testing like ultrasound monitoring, HSGs and IUIs, and reviewing results to help keep our patients informed and empowered. Essentially, they are involved at most every point along the path of a patient’s fertility journey along with the rest of our fantastic team, ensuring that the best quality care continues to be the standard here.

Our PAs will put your care first and foremost using their medical expertise, comprehensive diagnostic skills, and compassion to assist you along your fertility journey. Contact us to make an appointment to start your journey.

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