I am surprised at the number of responses from my patients on my blog. Thanks for the feedback! I confused some of you on the last blog – but it is an important issue that comes up in a lot of blogs / website discussions.

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s school to give a talk on IVF to the advanced biology students. It’s fun to see their reaction when discussing this topic. As with most typical teenagers, the discussion always reverts back to “sex and drugs”. (i.e. “How would marijuana or ecstasy affect fertility? What is the best time of the month to avoid pregnancy?”)

I received a great phone call from a patient who recently moved to Alabama. She had visited 3 different fertility doctors who I recommended but decided to just commute to Lafayette to have her IVF treatment because she liked our staff so well. What a huge compliment to our staff!

The Gift of Hope process is in full swing. The committee meets Sunday night to review all of the applications. This is an incredible process. These volunteers on the committee are very thorough and discuss all possible issues when trying to decide on the best applicant. Fortunately, I don’t have a vote (or else I’d vote for all of them). I do review all of the medical charts / history and help guide them to determine which patients have a good chance at success with IVF and which patients may conceive with less aggressive means (such as IUI) (last year we chose several couples to get a free IUI cycle and one of them conceived!) .

Thanks again for your support and I’ll try to blog more often. . .

Dr S

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