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I have been a bad blogger. Tons have things going on. . .
• New website release (thanks to my wife, Amelie and the great folks at Russo Advertising!) . Love to hear your comments about it. Some like it, some say the old one is easier to find stuff, but like the look. Let us know!
• New partner! Dr. Dana Ambler – a real catch for us in South La. She is in one word. . . awesome! Just to let you know, there are only about 20 -25 graduating fellows each year in our specialty in the entire country. Dana is originally from N.Jersey and trained in Pennsylvania. So why would a Yankee come to the deep south? Great place to raise a family (she and her husband, Drew, have two young boys) and great opportunity to start a practice. My patients already love her and she has fit in remarkably well. We’ll have her blogging in no time.
• Baby Fair! October 23 is right around the corner. We have over 1500 babies since we started. Our Celebration Day is one of the best days of the year . Every year, I say, “let’s only do this every other year.” It’s a lot of work – but we always have a great time. The Saints game won’t conflict with our time either. Ya’ll come on!
• IVF success! This year has been our most successful year ever. I can’t release stats til after the moms deliver, but I am very excited about our pregnancy rates thus far.
Til next time. . . .

Dr. S

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