Gift of Hope Thank you.


The Gift of Hope has been one of my favorite programs since I started practice . Every year we receive SO many applications from couples who simply want to build their family and become parents. You cannot quantify how much someone “wants” this and award the couple who wants it more – that’s impossible. Choosing recipients for Gift of Hope is a huge challenge for the committee who spend hours reviewing applications. Every so often, we receive thank you notes from those who were not chosen. I would like to share such a note. (I have deleted her name for privacy) This note is an example of why I love coming to work every day.
Hi Suzanne ! My name is *** I was a winner of an IUI from the Gift of Hope this past year ! My husband and I did our IUI this past summer and it was unsuccessful. Since then I had my second laparoscopy to remove a cyst that was detected during the IUI process. During surgery my left tube was also removed . Feeling quite hopeless after that we decided we would give IVF a try on our own, we did all of our labs and signed all of our consents. It was just a waiting game for my October cycle to begin. Well that cycle never showed and my husband and I conceived naturally after 4 years struggling with infertility. We are currently 16 weeks pregnant and could not be any happier. I just wanted to pass along a huge thank you to Dr Storment and the staff there for the amazing gift that they give people in my situation. Even though we didn’t win ivf , Dr Storment did give us renewed hope with our IUI. Thanks for everything you all do to make “families happen.”


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