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We now offer pre-conception testing to see if potential parents are carriers for serious and even life-threatening diseases. Even though every couple has a 2-3% risk of birth defects, some couples are at increased risk for passing the traits for diseases. Certain ethnic groups are at increased risk for carrying the traits of specific diseases. Examples of these include:
1. Caucasian / European: 1 in 28 risk for Cystic Fibrosis
2. African American: 1 in 12 for Sickle Cell Disease
3. Cajun and French Canadian: 1 in 30 risk of Tay-Sachs disease.
4. Ashkenazi Jewish: 1 in 16 for Gaucher’s Disease; 1 in 31 risk of Tay- Sach’s Disease
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Each year millions of healthy parents are taken by surprise when their children are born with life-threatening genetic disorders. These parents are carriers: healthy individuals who nevertheless have a mutant version of a critical gene.
I think this is a very interesting advance in technology!!! You can spit in a cup and get a report 2 weeks later that tells you if you are a carrier for a serious disease. (Yea, I know “saliva testing” is the more scientific term, but “spitting in a cup” sounds more Bohemian.)
Hope you all find this interesting too.

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