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How Much Will This Cost?

The Cost of Tubal Reversal Surgery

We have worked very hard to reduce the cost of Tubal Reversal surgery so that it can be affordable by everyone seeking to become pregnant again. We feel our prices are some of the lowest you will find.

Consultation & Surgery Costs

  • Initial Consultation Fee (please inquire for current consultation fee) – This fee includes a patient’s initial consultation with one or our physicians either in-office or by phone. An initial consultation is required to determine whether tubal ligation reversal surgery is right for you. We must have your operative reports from your tubal ligation surgery to conduct this consultation.
  • Tubal Reversal Surgery – $6,800 – this fee includes:
    • Pre-operative consultation appointment the day prior to surgery
    • Diagnostic laparoscopy to determine condition of tubes
    • Surgeon’s fee
    • Anesthesia fees
    • Surgical supplies
    • Operating facility fees
    • Follow-up care
  • OTHER Potential costs:
    • Semen Analysis
    • Egg quality testing
    • HSG test (most patients don’t require this)

*NOTE: With Tubal Reversal Surgery, if during laparoscopy it is determined that your tubes cannot be reversed, you will be refunded $3000.

Please consult with our office for specific information concerning payment required for scheduling your surgery and cancellation policy.

Some insurance companies may cover part of the cost of tubal ligation reversal surgery. However, we do not accept payments from insurance carriers for tubal reversal surgery. If your insurance carrier will cover part or all of the cost of your surgery, please be sure they send the reimbursement check to you directly. Our finance coordinator will be happy to assist you with filling out any paperwork required for a claim to your insurance company. However, it is the patient’s responsibility to submit the claim.

Any pre-certification or pre-authorization that may be required by insurance policies are the responsibility of the patient. Since our standard and discount fees are all-inclusive, we do not provide a cost breakdown to insurance companies.

Financing Your Tubal Reversal Surgery

Managing your infertility treatment means that you may to have make some difficult decisions about your medical options, including financial ones. Couples whose insurance does not cover tubal reversal surgery or other fertility treatments may be eligible for associated financing programs. At Fertility Answers, we can provide many of our patients with a financial solution through our patient financing partner.  Please contact our office to obtain more information about this unique program or visit our Patient Financing Options page to learn more.