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Tubal Reversal FAQ’s

Tubal Reversal Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I find out if my tubal ligation can be reversed?

Answer: Obtain a copy of your operative and pathology reports relating to your tubal ligation from your operating physician. Fax them to Fertility Answers and attach the Fax Cover Sheet so we can reach you when your records arrive. One of our doctors will review your information, and we will contact you to discuss your outlook for a successful outcome after tubal reversal based on your medical records.

Question: What if I can’t get a copy of my operative report?

Answer: If you cannot get a copy of your tubal ligation operative report, we will begin your surgery with diagnostic laparoscopy to examine your fallopian tubes and determine if tubal reversal is likely to be successful. If so, our physician will repair your tubes right then. If your tubal ligation has severely damaged your tubes and cannot be repaired, you will be given a partial refund. Please see our fees page for more information.

Question: I live out of state. How can I arrange to do everything in one visit?

Answer: Many of our patients come to Fertility Answers from other states. To minimize the time you have to spend here, your preoperative consultation will be scheduled for the day preceding your tubal reversal at the offices of Fertility Answers. On the day of your tubal reversal, you will spend the morning at the surgery center and the rest of the day back at your hotel room. The following morning you will return to Fertility Answers for a post-operative check with one of our doctors or one of our nurses prior to your returning home. There are many hotel options within close proximity of our Lafayette and Baton Rouge offices.

Question: If I am coming in from out of town, how long will I need to stay to have my tubal reversal?

Answer: You will be here for two nights – the day before your tubal reversal for your consultation and the day of your surgery. If you live within 3 hours away, you may want to simply go home and recover there on the night of your post-surgery check. If you choose this option, please make sure you have someone with you to drive.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: Please contact the offices of Fertility Answers to schedule an initial consultation. You will need to fax your operative reports beforehand so that one of our doctors can determine what type of ligation you received and decide which tubal reversal procedure would be best for you. If you do not have access to your operative reports, you can discuss with our doctors the option of a diagnostic screening laparoscopy.

Question: How can I find out about what to expect when I come for my tubal reversal procedure?

Answer: We have prepared a great deal of information on what to expect and what to bring when you come for surgery. It is helpful to read the information on what to expect before, on the day of your surgery, and following your ligation reversal. Our mission is to provide patients with complete and detailed information so that their tubal reversal journey is a positive experience from start to finish.

Question: Will I need an appointment with my doctor once I arrive home?

Answer: If your local physician has referred you, he or she will probably want to see you after your tubal reversal. If you are self-referred, you do not need to arrange for routine follow-up with your local physician unless you wish to. Should you have any concerns or problems after returning home, one of our doctors can be reached at all times by calling the number on our contact page. If you do not have an ob-gyn physician, you should find one without delay since you may become pregnant at any time after your tubal reversal.