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Tubal Reversal Consultation

Your Tubal Reversal Consultation


Once you have made the decision to seek the opinion of a specialist to discuss tubal ligation reversal surgery, the first step is to schedule an initial consultation appointment either in person or over the phone. Because we understand that seeking treatment in a new practice and meeting a new physician can cause anxiety, at Fertility Answers we will do all we can to help things go smoothly for you. You will find comfort in knowing that our experienced staff is available to help support you every step of the way.

Before Your Scheduled Consultation Appointment

To optimize the benefit that you receive from your consultation appointment with Fertility Answers, we encourage you to plan ahead by addressing the following items:

  • Make sure you have filled out the medical history forms online through our eIVF Patient Portal before your consultation.
  • Take the time to read the articles on this site that may pertain to your possible treatment. A better informed patient makes better decisions.
  • Make sure that our office has a copy of your operative report from the physician who performed your tubal ligation surgery. You may fax your operative report to 337/989-8766. Please use our Fax Cover Sheet found on the Forms page. If you do not have this information, you may opt to have a screening laparoscopy.
  • If your husband has had a recent semen analysis, please obtain a copy of this also and fax to 337/989-8766. Please use our Fax Cover Sheet found on the Forms page.
  • If your consultation will be by telephone we will schedule a “window” of time for one of our doctors to call you to discuss your tubal reversal options. Please make sure that you are available and ready to answer your phone during the appointment time window.

What to Expect at Your Consultation Appointment

Your consultation appointment with one of our doctors at Fertility Answers is a very important one and we encourage both partners to attend (or be available if it is by phone). During this consultation, you will meet your physician to discuss your medical history and operative report from your tubal ligation surgery. Based on initial information, some lab tests may be required or recommended. The most successful initial consultations occur when your physician knows as much information as possible about your medical history, tubal ligation procedure and prior tests or treatments. We encourage our patients to be open and to become an active participant in their healthcare. You will also meet one of our Tubal Reversal nurses who will be the one to review medication details and additional tests that need to be performed, based on the initial test results, during follow-up visits.