Multi-Cycle IVF Discount Program

Multi-Cycle IVF Discount Program

Realizing that more than one IVF attempt may be necessary to achieve pregnancy, FertilityAnswers offers Multi-Cycle IVF Package that provides substantial savings when compared to the
individual standard fee for service price for a single IVF attempt. With this discount package, the patient pays one flat fee of $23,000 which includes all cycle monitoring, up to three fresh In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycles, cryopreservation and the first year of embryo storage and unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs). By prepaying for multiple IVF treatment cycles, this option provides in excess of a 40% discount off the cost of three IVF cycles and subsequent FET cycles. This option is available for qualifying couples in which the female is less than 45 years of age.

FertilityAnswers’ Multi-Cycle IVF Package includes the following for up to a maximum of three stimulation cycles:

  • Hormonal testing and Ultrasound monitoring
  • All laboratory fees, surgeons fees, embryologist fees, and supplies for up to three fresh egg retrievals and embryo transfers, plus frozen transfers.
  • ICSI fertilization if indicated
  • Embryo culture for multi-cell or blastocyst stages of development
  • Assisted embryo hatching
  • Cryopreservation and storage of frozen embryos while active in Multi-Cycle IVF Package
  • Clinical services to document and verify pregnancy performed at our office only
  • Pregnancy testing and hormonal evaluation
  • Ultrasound documentation of fetal number, location, and heart beat
  • Anesthesia Fees

All cycles must be completed within a twelve-month time frame including frozen embryo transfers. With this package, there is no refund if pregnancy occurs or does not occur. Frozen embryo transfer attempts must be completed before the next fresh cycle but do not count as one of the three guaranteed fresh attempts. A viable pregnancy with the first fresh or frozen embryo transfer would complete the contract.

Items and specifics not covered in the cost of a Multi-Cycle IVF Package include:

  • Screening labs for male and female
  • USI
  • Any indicated surgical procedures in preparation for the cycle
  • Medications to control and induce egg production and support pregnancy after embryo transfer
  • Attorney fees
  • Any required care by ancillary physicians
  • Urologists for surgical sperm retrieval, anesthesia and facility fees, etc.
  • Processing of testicular tissue for sperm retrieval
  • Embryo storage fee once pregnancy is established
  • Any complication including but not limited to: Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), ectopic pregnancy or any pregnancy complication

Should poor performance lead to a decision to discontinue attempts to conceive, couples will have the option to withdraw, have their fees calculated based upon the standard fee for service option, and receive a refund of the unused amount. A poor stimulation converted from IVF to IUI may be paid separately as a fee for service or counted as an IVF attempt at the couple’s discretion with no additional fee required.

Our obligation to the couple will be considered fulfilled:

  • With a positive pregnancy and fetal heart tones upon ultrasound. At this time, fee for service for embryo storage and transfer will be implemented.
  • After three IVF cycles are completed and all frozen embryos are transferred.

For more information about our Multi-Cycle IVF Discount Program, please speak with our Financial Coordinator.