Share Your Fertility Story

Your story can be so powerful and inspiring for others going through their own infertility journeys.

So many are looking for that story that will uplift their spirits and calm their fears to inspire them to continue on their journey to parenthood and a family.

Be that inspiration!

Fertility Answers invites you to share your fertility story! If your story is selected it will be featured on our website front page and in our Fertility Success Stories feature page, as well as in our patient e-newsletter and social media pages.

Need help composing your story? Download this guide for tips on how to get started.

Fertility Answers Patient Success Story Guidelines

Selected participants will also need to sign and submit our media release form. After you are selected and before publishing, we will ask you to download this form, sign and then send back to us.

Copyright and Media Release Fertility Answers Patient Success Stories


To be considered for our Fertility Success Stories feature, submit this form.

Once submitted, Fertility Answers will contact you to let you know if it is selected and to work with you on crafting the final draft for publishing. Photos you would like to be included can also be uploaded here.

"Our Fertility Success Story" Submission Form

  • Submit photos you would like included with your story. Maximum 3.