James Broussard, PhD

James Broussard, PhD – IVF Lab Director for Our Louisiana IVF labs

James Broussard, PhD, Lab Director, FertilityAnswersBorn and raised in Lafayette, LA, Dr. Broussard received his undergraduate degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Animal Science followed by a Master of Science and Doctorate in the field of Female Reproductive Physiology from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.

A Director of Embryology for the past 15 years at Walter Reid Army Medical Center, The Center of Reproductive Endocrinology in Spokane, WA, and Fertility Answers, Dr. Broussard has established a track record of exceptional pregnancy rates for IVF and was responsible for creating an oocyte vitrification program for fertility preservation and banking for our female oncology patients.

James Broussard, PhD has been performing embryo biopsies and genetic testing since 2010.

He directs the first outside laboratory to send biopsies for comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) to the Foundation for Embryonic Competence. We are proud to have Dr. Broussard’s expertise in all aspects of embryology, fertility preservation and genetic testing in Lafayette, and he is ecstatic to be able to come home to help families in Louisiana grow. Dr. Broussard has published numerous articles in the field of reproductive physiology and infertility and is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.