2018 Lafayette Patient Learning Series

2018 fertility answers patient learning seriesKnowledge is the key to understanding.

At Fertility Answers we want you to know as much as possible about your fertility. We invite you to join Dr. Susan Conway, Reproductive Endocrinologist at Fertility Answers, for our 2018 Patient Learning Series events in Lafayette.

Our 2018 Lafayette Patient Learning Series includes topics to help patients and prospective patients understand their fertility. Topics include: Fertility 101, Understanding PCOS and Egg Freezing. Each 30-45-minute session will include a presentation by our doctor on the topic followed by the opportunity to ask questions. All events are open to the general public. Space is limited, please choose your sessions and register below.

Fertility 101

Thursday, 8/30/18, 6:00 PM, Fertility Answers, 206 E. Farrel Rd., Lafayette, LA 70508

Approximately 1 in 8 couples will experience some difficulty in getting pregnant, and will consider seeking the help of a fertility specialist. This informative session will help you understand what a fertility specialist looks for during a fertility consultation and the three most important things that you need to get pregnant: sperm, an egg, and a working fallopian tube to carry a fertilized embryo to the uterus.

Understanding Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Thursday, 9/27/18, 6:00 PM, Women’s Foundation Classroom, 4630 Ambassador Caffery, Lafayette, LA 70508. (Suite 100 in Building A on W&C Hospital Campus)

In this session, learn how this common endocrine problem, which affects up to 10% of all women, interferes with normal ovulation and can result in infertility. Topics covered will include the basic causes of PCOS, identifying the resulting symptoms, how PCOS affects fertility, and the treatment options available.

Egg Freezing: Expanding a Woman’s Options


There are many reasons why women may want to postpone pregnancy from focusing on their education or career to waiting for “Mr. Right.” Our infertility physicians have specialized training and experience in egg freezing, and will provide up to date information on how it’s done. Egg freezing is an excellent option to preserve your fertility potential and provide protection against your biological clock until you feel ready to become a mother.


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