Affordable Fertility Care

We don’t want financial concerns to keep you from the family you desire. Ask us about affordable IVF options

Fertility treatments such as IVF and IUI have proven effective for family building for many years. At Fertility Answers, we provide affordable IVF and comprehensive treatments in our comfortable and state-of-the-art Louisiana fertility centers. Many women and couples have questions about affordable care.

Our fertility team understands how important it is for you to feel comfortable with the process, especially the financial aspect. Before we begin any fertility treatment we will carefully estimate costs so you’re aware of all the fees upfront.

Meet with our financial coordinators to explore your affordable care options.

In many cases, insurance policies will cover initial infertility consultations and diagnostic testing. That’s how your fertility treatment process will begin; tests and consultations help us learn more about your unique situation so our fertility specialists can tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs.

At Fertility Answers, our financial coordinator provides comprehensive answers to all of your financial questions. Your options for managing the cost of care include medical financing, fertility drug discounts and multi-cycle IVF discounts.

  • Patient financing with Prosper Healthcare Lending can help lessen the financial burden of fertility treatment for our patients.
  • You may even qualify for financial assistance for your fertility medication through DesignRx First Steps.
  • Our financial coordinator can also help you obtain a letter proving predetermination of coverage from your insurance provider before starting IVF.
  • We also work with third-party providers of multi-cycle IVF discounts.

We understand how important it is to start a family, and we know that adding a financial concern can add even more stress to your situation. Our reproductive endocrinologists will work to make your family a reality, and our entire team strives to make fertility treatment as stress-free as possible—with affordable care and IVF should you need to take that path.

Giving the Gift of Hope, one couple at a time

We truly believe money shouldn’t keep you from starting a family, and since we believe that so strongly, we created the Gift of Hope program in 2006. Every spring we offer a complimentary round of IVF to a deserving Louisiana couple. Generously donated by our own board certified reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. John Storment, the Gift of Hope program has brought many babies into the world since 2006.

At Fertility Answers, we started the Gift of Hope program to help couples conceive while easing the financial and emotional burdens of IVF treatment. We understand that not all insurance policies cover IVF and that not all families can afford IVF out-of-pocket. We love to help families grow who may not have the chance otherwise.

If you live in Louisiana and are interested in our Gift of Hope program, we invite you to learn more about eligibility and to download an application.

Contact our Lafayette or Baton Rouge fertility centers to set an appointment with our financial team and start your journey to parenthood empowered by affordable IVF.